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  Detailed Software Experience

The staff at Sterling Technology Partners has experience with the following:

Software Categories:
     Business Applications, Client Server Applications, Compiler
     Design, Custom and Open Firmware, Custom Drivers, Database
     Applications, Embedded Systems, GUI Applications, Object
     Oriented Methodologies, Operating Systems, Real Time
     Systems, Software Testing

Computer Systems Used:
    Workstations: Silicon Graphics, SUN, DEC, HP, IBM
     Mainframes: VAX, Cray 2, TC2000, IBM 3090, CDC Cyber
     Personal Computers: IBM PC compatibles, Macintosh

Operating Systems Used:
    Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT, UNIX, VMS, MVS, DOS, TSO

Computer Languages:
    Ada, Assembly (VAX, 6303, 80x86), C/C++, Forth, FORTRAN, 
     HTML, Modula2, Pascal/Object Pascal, Smalltalk, SQL/ESQL, 
    Visual Basic

Commercial Databases:
     MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Ingres, Informix, DB2, RDB, Access

Development Environments:
     VisualWorks/Envy, Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic, 
     Borland C++, ANSI Forth, PolyFORTH

Development Tools:
     Cadre Teamwork, SCCS/RCS, Showcase, Case Vision, 
     Builder Accessory, XRunner/LoadRunner, TestMate for Ada, 
     LDRA Testbed, Lotus Notes, FrontPage, Paint Shop Pro


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