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What's your email?  What's your web site address?  Are you on the Internet?

Everywhere you go people are talking about the Internet.  The Internet is for real and it's changing our society.  One of the biggest changes is in how we do business.  This is all well and good, but the question is how can you take advantage of it. 

Trend in Business
You have heard the buzz words: "Web Presence", "e-commerce", "Service Based Economy", "24/7", "Return to Core Business", "Information Revolution" - the list goes on and on. 

You have seen the trends: large and small businesses are getting on the web.  Almost all advertising includes a web address, "".  Customers are expecting more service, and are going elsewhere if it's not provided.  Businesses are either seen as being progressive or going out of business.  The Internet is the great equalizer.  Time is the currency of the future.

The question is how can your business benefit from what is going on in the marketplace?

Meeting Your Needs
One of the biggest misconceptions that businesses have about the Internet is that every business needs to have a large all-inclusive web site.  In fact, many customers who search the Internet for a product or service are looking for information.  For example, customers are looking for a map to the business, the business hours, the phone number, or they have a specific question about a product or service.  In these cases, a simple web site can provide the desired information.

Customers visit business web sites for many different reasons. Some customers use the web as a big phone book.  They are looking for a map to the business, the business hours, a contact phone number, etc. Others are looking for product information.  They want to compare the features of a number of similar items before driving to the businesses to make their final decision. More sophisticated customers are looking to make a purchase.  They want to see the product information and order the product on line.  

At STP we will help you analyze your business and determine what kind of customers your site is likely to attract.

Why work with Sterling Technology Partners?
At STP, we recommend a web presence that fits your business.  Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our customers,  so we are not going to oversell your business to make quota, and find another customer when you leave after finding out that we sold you something that you do not need.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business develop a meaningful web presence.


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